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    Rebalancing the Wood Element with massage

    In the Five Element Theory springtime relates to the Wood element, representing a time of growth, new life and energy. If you are finding that you are feeling tired and sluggish at this time of year, an acupuncture treatment can help give your qi an extra boost. At home, try a meridian massage to stimulate, circulate and regulate qi flow. When massaging, apply gentle pressure with fingers, thumb or palm, always working in the direction of qi flow. Start at point number one and work the full length of the meridian. If you want to massage a particular point, then go back and circle it 36 times with your thumb.

    Liver meridian
    Regulates qi flow and maintains blood supply to the body. Massage for relief of problems with digestion, stiff and weak muscles and joints, bloated stomach, lack of sexual energy, and dizziness. Helps with emotional problems of excess anger and addictions of sugar, drug and alcohol.

    Liver 3 (tai chong)
    Located on the top of the foot in the valley between the big toe and second toe, this point relieves eye problems, anger, irritability, insomnia, digestive problems and allergies. It relieves congestion and pain in general and invigorates, transforms and clears the system.
    Gall bladder meridian
    Regulates bile flow and helps transform food into qi. Massage for relief of problems with obesity, insomnia, gallstones, bloating, migraines, hangovers, and difficulty in making decisions.
    Gallbladder 8 (shuai gu)
    Located on the head directly above the apex of the auricle. Relieves migraines, vertigo, vomiting and hangovers.
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