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    Part the Wild Horse’s Mane

    Part the Wild Horse’s Mane is one of the movements from the 24 yang form of taiqiquan which can be easily practiced on its own to help coordination and balance. It also stimulates the nervous system, tones muscles of face and neck, arms and sides of the trunk, and improves blood flow and skin complexion.

    Even if you are practicing individual taijiquan movements, it is beneficial to always start with the opening position (see blog post The Rising of the Sun, Aug 29, 2012).

    Turn slightly to your right and shift your weight onto your right foot, at the same time bringing the left foot close to the right, with toes on the ground. Raise your right hand palm down to mid chest height and the left hand palm up under it, as if you were holding a basketball. Imagine you have caught qi between your hands. The left hand is at lower dan tien level with your lower abdomen. 
    Next, step to the left with your left foot, placing the heel down first . Now turn your upper body to the leftand gently and slowly shift your weight onto the left leg and foot. This is now a forwards lunge position, with the left knee remaining slightly bent, and the right leg straight. At the same time as shifting weight your hands move apart to curve the left hand upwards in front of you to eye level, palm facing you and at a 45 degree angle. Meanwhile, the right hand curves downward level with your right hip with palm facing down. Your eyes gaze at the left palm. 

    Repeat the movement to the other side, reversing all arm/hand and leg/foot positions.

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