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    Lung Meridian Massage

    In the cold and flu season it can be helpful to give your lungs a little TLC. Massaging the lung meridian is a good way to do that if you are having breathing problems, suffering from nasal congestion, a cough or cold, asthma or even skin problems relating to an imbalance in lung qi flow. Mentally and emotionally a lung meridian massage can help you to let go of any grief or sorrow you are holding onto. When you give yourself the massage, imagine you are releasing all negative qi and negative emotions from your body. 

    Start at LU 1 (Zhong Fu) and move in one direction to the end. Use your fingers, thumb or palm to apply gentle pressure along the entire meridian. Remember to massage meridians on both sides of the body. When you reach the end, go back and massage LU 3 (Tian Fu) with thumb or finger, circling 36 times, for the relief of melancholy, grief, depression and nose bleeds.

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