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    Life force energy in an EMF filled world

    Let’s face it, not all modern time saving conveniences are healthy. Our world is becoming more and more saturated with invisible and potentially dangerous electromagnetic forces. In only one or two generations we have seen the advent of and are exposed to microwave ovens, electric razors and toothbrushes, cordless phones, cell phones, electric clock radios, super duper hair dryers and vacuum cleaners, laptops, wireless keyboards and mice, electric blankets and massage chairs, wiFi networks, bluetooth, chargers for various devices………..the list is endless. Are all of these reallynecessary? Some would say yes, but what are they doing to our health? Our body consists of meridians (in TCM) or chakras (in Ayurveda), conduits of our own life force energy that resonates with the earth’s natural electromagnetic field. With the increase of man-made EMFs our body’s natural electrical system is disrupted and potentially damaged, particularly in the weak, sick or elderly whose own immune system is somewhat compromised. To guard against this:

    • reduce your exposure to EMFs in the home by keeping all beds and chairs as far away as possible from EMF sources. Do not plug in any electrical appliance on the wall behind the head of the bed when you sleep. Use a battery alarm clock instead of a plug-in type. Unplug as many electrical appliances as you can when not in use. Avoid wiFi and turn it off at night.
    • eat a healthy daily diet which includes bitter herbs and antioxidants to clear environmental toxins from the body and also boost immunity. Good choices are green and holy basil (tulsi) tea, seaweeds, brown rice, cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, reishi mushrooms. Remember to always buy organic where possible and eat in moderation. 

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