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    Just a Reminder……..

    black beans and rice by Haru master

    As winter continues with its typically bone chilling weather, are you remembering to feed your roots: Kidneys and bladder? In case you need a reminder…….

    …..winter is the time to take care of our core and bring heat down and inwards to the lower dan tien and lower back area. Foods need to be nourishing, nurturing and grounding. Slowly cooked soups, stews and casseroles fit the bill. Hot teas such as ginger or chai are especially warming.

    …..eat more cooked foods than raw. Cut back on salads, raw fruits, fruit juice, smoothies – all of which will overtax the immune system as it works overtime to warm the body.

    …..use less animal fats in stews and bean dishes to keep out the dampness.

    …..eat beans, walnuts (especially black for the kidneys) and root vegetables cooked in different ways, such as roasted or in soups.

    ………eat less tofu and soymilk which are yin and cold in energy. This is the time of year to eat more animal protein, such as beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and salmon.

    …..add warming spices and herbs to your meals, such as ginger, garlic, cumin, parsley and basil. However, avoid hot curries and chilli dishes. These will only make you sweat and lose heat from the body instead of bringing it down and into the core.

    …..add a little sea salt, seaweed and sea vegetables to your winter diet. This will help moisten, detoxify and improve the blood. But don’t overdo it!

    …..whole grains, such as quinoa, buckwheat and oats are comforting and warming.

    …..apples and pears and other winter fruit can be eaten cooked with cinnamon or cardamon.

    Stay in harmony with nature, eat seasonally and locally and, of course, eat everything in moderation!

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