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    • 27 JUL 10
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    I’ve been quoted again!

    In this digital age it seems like words move faster than the thoughts that created them. I respond to many requests for people who need tips about acupuncture for both websites as well as print magazines. These writers are often very busy and under short deadlines. So busy in fact, that sometimes they forget to tell you that they quoted you. I actually stumbled across this quote about how acupuncture can help with labor pain and vaguely remember the email. The article came out great and gives some simple and quick ways to help women manage labor pains. You can check it out here: SheKnows. This is a great website for everything pregnancy and new mommy related. It presents tons of information in a non-threatening way, which is very comforting. (Speaking form the experience being new to the whole pregnancy and parenting thing in the last few months)

    So if your expecting, a new parent or just looking for some great baby info check out this site. They even quote some great experts! 😉
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