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    Introduction to Ayurveda: Assessing your Constitution (Part 3)

    The following questionnaire will help you assess your personal constitution. When you take it, respond according to how you have reacted through your whole lifetime so far, even if the answer does not apply particularly at this point in time. If you don’t think you can be accurate or honest and may see yourself as how you would like to be rather than how you really are, it might be a good idea to have a friend evaluate you also and then compare the two results. Select all responses that apply to you from each of the three doshas and which describe you most accurately overall. Remember that you do have some qualities of all three in your constitution.
    Slim and lean body with little muscle definition
    Hard to gain weight
    Cool, rough and dry skin
    Dark, curly and dry hair
    Small eyes, dark brown, gray or slate blue in color
    Preference for warm weather
    Inconsistent and erratic energy
    Active and lose stamina quickly
    Poor physical stamina
    Light sleeper
    Irregular appetite
    Prone to constipation or dry and loose stools, with irregular elimination
    Learn and forget things easily
    Anxious or nervous under stress
    Fluctuating and unpredictable moods
    Creative and imaginative
    A dreamer, with many thoughts but little follow through
    Lead an erratic lifestyle
    Medium physique with athletic build
    Gain and lose weight easily
    Warm skin, maybe oily
    Light, straight, fine hair
    Sharp lustrous eyes, bright blue or light brown in color
    Preference for cool weather
    Moderate energy level
    Enjoy physical activity and sweat easily
    Average stamina
    Sleep soundly, need moderate amount of sleep
    Assertive with a strong voice
    Good appetite, regular meals
    Regular elimination, soft stools, prone to diarrhea or loose stools
    Fast metabolism
    Good and quick memory
    Anger easily with impatience and irritation
    Goals and tasks more important than moods
    A perfectionist, efficient and organized
    Logical and well planned thoughts
    Lead a busy lifestyle
    Large, rounded build with good muscular development
    Difficult to lose weight
    Cool skin, smooth and moist
    Thick, wavy hair, light or dark in color
    Large, attractive brown eyes
    Enjoy all climates but preference for warm weather
    Steady energy level
    Lethargic but with good stamina
    Physically strong
    Sleep long hours and deeply
    Talk slowly, with a pleasant, resonant voice
    Steady appetite, eat slowly and enjoy food
    Regular elimination with slow metabolism
    Learn slowly but rarely forget
    Calm, steady and possessive nature
    Caring and compassionate
    Tranquil, well organized thoughts
    Thorough, with good follow through of tasks
    Lead a relaxed and slow-paced lifestyle
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