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    Indigestion? Got gas again?

    According to the National Institute of Health, the average person passes intestinal gas 14 times a day. Some people never seem to have a problem, while others are so ”gassy”, they even pass it when they are asleep. We all know that eating beans and other legumes can cause gas for some if not cooked properly, but what are other reasons for getting gas?

    • Eating processed foods such as those made with white flour or white sugar, foods with artificial colorings, flavorings, chemicals and preservatives, can all cause digestive problems and, therefore, gas. Rich sauces and desserts, fried foods or dairy foods, all of which are difficult to digest, may cause indigestion.
    • Overeating, or bad food combining will make the digestive system work harder. Excess stress and tension are then caused in the abdomen and lead to intestinal gas. To release abdominal tension press on acupoint CV 12, located midway between the navel and base of the sternum. Gradually press into the pit of the stomach at a 45 degree angle to the diaphragm until the gas is expelled.
    • If you are not getting enough exercise, the food you take in will not have an outlet, which in turn causes the metabolism to become sluggish and create digestive problems. An old Chinese proverb states “walk 100 steps after a meal and live to be 99 years old”. Try taking a short walk after a heavy meal.

    • Swallowing air while eating is often the culprit for gas pains. This can happen if you talk as you eat, or are otherwise distracted from chewing your food properly. An argument, feeling worried, sad or frightened, even reading a book or watching TV while eating, can all cause gas and indigestion.

    To prevent or expel gas

    Seiza is one of the traditional Japanese ways of sitting which is excellent for promoting good digestion. Sit in a kneeling position with your buttocks resting on your heels. In this way, acupoints relating to the digestive organs, such as ST 42 on the top of the feet, are stimulated. Try this for a few minutes after eating a heavy meal.

    Squeezing the knees while lying on the back is a good way to stimulate SP 9 and ST 36 and relieve gas. Bring the knees up to the chest from a supine position, using the hands to hold the inside and outside of the leg just beneath the knee bone. Inhale, allowing the knees to come out away from the chest and exhale, bringing the knees further in. Stay in this position for a couple of minutes.

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