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    Healing the mind

    In Oriental medicine it is often said that for every physical ailment, there is a natural remedy nearby. For example, dock leaves can be found growing near nettles to relieve the sting, and aloe plants grow in hot climates for the treatment of sunburn. In Buddhism, a similar belief exists for emotional/mental conditions, as many as 84000 of them! In Chinese medicine these are reduced to the five root emotions which reside in the five main organs of the body, according to the Five Element Theory. Each emotion has both negative (yin) and positive (yang) energies that can become out of balance, and an antidote, or resolving quality, to restore that balance. These are as follows:

    Antidote                                 -/+ emotion                    Related organ

    acceptance                                  hate/joy                              heart

    inner strength                             grief/courage                        lungs

    trust                                           worry/empathy                     spleen

    forgiveness                                anger/patience                      liver

    spontaneity                                fear/calmness                       kidneys

    By cultivating acceptance, trust, etc, we can learn how to rebalance and maintain harmony in our emotional mind.

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