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    Hand cupping the body for a strong immune system

    Springtime weather can be unpredictable – one minute mild temperatures are forecast, then high winds, rain, and even snow! A strong healthy immune system is more important than ever to cope with the unexpected climate changes. A good and easy way to help strengthen and wake up qi at this time of year is to perform an all over body tapping massage. Using nothing but the hands, this cupping technique can be done at any time of day, particularly before warming up or after a workout.

    Put your hands into the shape of a cup, as if they are molding your body. Start on the head and pat from front to back a few times with both hands. Next, pat down the front of the body, chest and abdomen. Repeat several times till you are sure you have covered all areas of the torso. Do the same for the back, reaching as many parts as you can, or get someone to do this with you. Remember to also cup the sides of the torso. Work your way up and down each arm, using one hand at a time, covering both inside and outside of the arm. Then, repeat the cupping on both legs, front, back and sides. Try and cover as much of your body as possible, repeating as often as you wish. For added effect, work in the direction of meridian qi flow as follows:

    from shoulder to fingertip along inside of arm

    from fingertip to head along outside/back of arm

    from side of torso to feet along outside of leg

    from feet to torso along inside of leg

    down front and back of legs

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