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    Grow a medicinal herb garden

    Now is the time of year when gardeners begin to think of what they should grow in their gardens this Spring. Whether you are a gardener or not and you are looking for something different to grow, why not try a medicinal herbal garden? There are many Chinese, Indian and western herbs that can easily be grown from seed or plant, and can then be used for their medicinal properties. Here are some of the more common and readily available ones.

    Calendula – qi stagnation, local skin problems, digestion

    Chamomile – wind conditions, gallbladder cleansing, insomnia, nervous conditions

    Chinese Yam – harmonious to spleen, lung and kidney tonic

    Dandelion – liver cleansing

    Echinacea – conditions of excess, blood cleansing

    Fenugreek – reduces cold phlegm in lungs, warms kidney yang

    GotaKola – memory loss, skin conditions, anti-inflammatory, cooling and balancing to pitta dosha

    Great Burdock – damp conditions, detoxifying
    Lian Zi Xin (lotus flower) – clears heat from heart and pericardium, calms spirit

    Milk Thistle – reduces liver excesses

    Nettles, image courtesy of BrianHolm
    Nettles – kidney tonic, increases jing energy

    Sea Buckthorn – relieves cough, aids digestion, invigorates blood circulation and alleviates pain

    Siberian Ginseng – conditions of deficiency, used in radiation therapy

    Sweet Basil – anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

    Tulsi – relative to sweet basil, anti-inflammatory, eliminates toxins

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