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    Green tea and Tai Chi for Bone Health

    green tea for osteoporosis

    by Kanko

    According to an article in the “Toronto Sun” earlier this month, a new study at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center has shown that drinking green tea and practicing tai chi will improve bone health in postmenopausal women. 171 women in post menopause, with an average age of 57 years and with weak bones, were placed in four groups and given placebos, green tea pills and/or tai chi. The pills contained the equivalent of four to six cups of steeped green tea per day, and tai chi was practiced three times a week. Results showed that the groups that had either green tea or tai chi, as well as the group that had both, improved their bone strength at the end of three and six months. The group that did tai chi also benefited in emotional and mental health. Both the green tea and tai chi helped reduce the risk of inflammation, a precursor to osteoporosis.

    Great news but I wonder if anyone has pointed out that drinking four to six cups of green tea a day is quite a large amount compared with taking it in pill form.  Perhaps less tea and daily tai chi might produce the same results? Just a thought.

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