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    Gallbladder meridian massage

    According to TCM, the gallbladder is the yang organ paired with the liver, yin organ  and related to the wood element in the Five Element Theory. Both liver and gallbladder are at their most vulnerable in the windy, fresh and unpredictable weather of spring when new life is bursting forth in plants and trees. To keep gallbladder qi circulating freely try a massage to stimulate the gallbladder meridian system. This may help relieve migraine headaches, bloating, gallstones, insomnia, obesity, lack of energy and indecisiveness.
    Start at GB 1 (Tongziliao) and move in one direction to the end. Use your fingers, thumb or palm to apply gentle pressure along the entire meridian. Remember to massage meridians on both sides of the body. When you reach the end return to GB 8 (Shuaigu) massaging and circling 36 times with thumb and finger. This point is used in the treatment of migraines with nausea and visual problems, as well as hangovers from alcohol or emotional trauma.
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