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    Food for Winter Skin

    We all know that dry skin and wrinkles increase with age. After the age of about 25 the skin’s metabolism slows down and, combined with everyday stress, poor eating habits and bad lifestyle choices, that youthful look and glow is lost. Applying TCM principles to what we eat can help delay the process of aging and retain moisture in the skin, especially at this time of year when dry skin and chapped lips can be a problem.

    Herbs and foods that increase yin energy and nourish the organs are recommended. Here are some examples.

    Chinese wolfberries are a good tonic for the liver and kidneys and a common ingredient in Chinese beauty products.

    Eggs are rich in protein, vitamin B, A and E. Did you know that quail eggs have an even stronger tonic effect than chicken eggs? They improve skin color and strengthen hair and are a rich source of antioxidants.

    Red dates enrich the blood and nourish facial skin.

    Black sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E and prevent the formation of the typical brown spots associated with aging. 

    Walnuts and pinenuts are rich in vitamin E and zinc to nourish skin.

    Chicken wings, pig’s feet, seaweed, white fungi and fish skins all contain collagen to keep the skin plump and elastic. Cooking chicken wings with soybeans and green peas can give skin strength and elasticity.

    Chicken liver is rich in iron and nourishes the blood and skin. To increase iron absorption in food do not drink strong coffee or tea before or after eating.

    Yams build kidney yin and help dry skin conditions.

    Pears moisten the lungs and help dryness in general.
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