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    Campaign For Wellness

    Campaign For Wellness
    As many of you know my wife and I are currently expecting our first child this December. Knowing that we will be caring for an infant, I became very aware of the need for my wife and me to take care of ourselves so we can better care for our child. During these next few months we are working to establish healthier habits for our growing family. We have sat down together and came up with a list of small things we can add to our routines, substitute with a better choice or make small improvements to our environment.

    Since health extends to our community as well as ourselves, I’d like to announce our Campaign for Wellness; to help our patients live a healthier lifestyle along with us.

    Please read the following tips below and by implementing any of these few small tips you will start on your path to wellness.

    Campaign For Wellness

    1. Take your Vitamins. Even with the best diets nearly 92% of Americans as suffering from a Vitamin deficiency. Taking a good quality Multi-Vitamin will help make sure you get all the building blocks your body needs to continue to function properly. Try getting a gender specific formula and add additional supplements based on family history or your specific needs.

    2. Take a Hike. Try adding an additional 15-20 minutes of walking to your routine. Not only will this help burn more calories, but will help with circulation and may also help you relax. At the very least try taking the stairs instead of the elevator each day.

    3. Drink more Water. Everyone’s heard 8 glasses a day. Increasing water consumption helps with everything from easing headaches to staving off hunger. Try swapping just one soda, juice or coffee with a glass of water.

    4. Early to bed, early to rise. Well, not necessarily early, but aim for regular sleeping and waking times. Establishing a sleeping a normal sleep cycle has been shown to keep energy levels more consistent throughout the day.

    5. Setup a regular eating schedule. Normal small meals keep the metabolism running. Having irregular meals, or eating few larger meals put extra stress on the digestive system, causing food to sit around and your body to improperly break down nutrients.

    6. Keep Regular Health Care Appointments! This one may be the most important thing you do. Make sure you are taking care of all aspects of your health, including regular checkups, dental care and wellness visits (especially your acupuncture treatments).

    Follow these steps and you can, with minimal effort improve your health for years to come.

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