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    • 18 DEC 13
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    Bhudi Mudra for fluid imbalance

    Drinking enough water can sometimes be a challenge. We get fluids from some of the foods we eat, such as soups, rice and juicy fruits and vegetables, so how much do we actually need to drink?  In TCM and Ayurveda, the amount will depend on the individual’s present condition, constitution and dominant elements. Are you more yin (damp and cool) than yang (dry and hot)?  Are you predominantly kapha, with more water element in your makeup?  There is no hard and fast rule, consuming too much liquid can cause health problems as can consuming too little. If you think you have kidney and bladder imbalances, or frequent dry mouth and dry eyes, then try practicing the following hand mudra, as needed, or three times a day for 15 minutes. While holding the gesture, relax and focus on any physical, as well as mental concerns you may have.

    Place the tip of your thumb and little finger together and extend the other fingers in a relaxed way. 

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