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    Bending over and around to reduce fire in the heart

    Summer days bring heat, which may cause excess fire according to the Five Element Theory.  This then puts the heart organ network at risk, creating overheated blood, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, too much qi in the head, and heart-mind problems of anxiety, restlessness and overwork.  The following exercise from the Eight Brocades sequence helps balance heart qi and to loosen up waist and hips.

    Stand in a wide horse stance ( feet about twice shoulder width apart and facing forward), sinking to a comfortable position.  Keep feet firmly planted throughout the exercise.  Place hands on the thighs with thumbs pointing back.  On an exhale slowly turn to face the right thigh bending over towards it, then swinging gently to center front with body still bent.  Slowly raise the upper body on an inhale.  On the next exhale turn to the left thigh, bending over and again swinging toward center front and rising on an inhale.  Repeat this slow movement from one side to the other like a pendulum, only bending as far as is comfortable and causing no pain.  As with all exercise, treat your body like your baby, being aware of its every micro movement and trying to keep a relaxed sensation throughout. Repeat about nine times each side.

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