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    Beat the heat – Drink warm water and cooling herbs

    Summer heat is here again and for many people that means a craving for cold drinks with ice. According to TCM, iced or ice cold beverages and foods are some of the worst things you can put into your body at this time of the year. Although you may feel cooler on the surface, your internal body is fighting to maintain its normal balance. Everything we eat and drink is digested with enzymes that need a certain temperature to do so properly. Disturbing this environment will cause the stomach to work harder to function well. Along with that, introducing ice cold foods and fluids to the warmth of the lungs will create phlegm. Potential problems are coughs, frequent colds, dry skin, respiratory, digestive and weight problems, and a weakened immune system. According to Ayurveda, each constitution will react differently to cold substances. The vata dominant person, already sensitive to cold temperatures, will suffer from indigestion, bloating, gas, poor appetite and possible weight loss. The already hot pitta dominant person creates even more heat in the stomach to cope with the cold, which may cause infertility, dry mouth and thirst, constant hunger and weight gain, or hyperactivity and weight loss. A constitution dominant in kapha may suffer from excess phlegm and respiratory problems.

    In the hot summer months, give your body some TLC and avoid all ice cold foods and drinks. Instead drink plenty of room temperature water, or add any of the following herbs that have cooling properties:





    lemon balm

    red clover



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