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    Are you a person of the Earth?

    We know in the Five Element Theory that everyone of us consists of our own mini universe of Earth, Metal, Wood, Fire and Water. But how much of each element do you have? Are you more like the Pacific Ocean or the Appalachian Mountains? Do you feel like the Sahara Desert or Canadian pine forests? Late Summer is the season of the Earth. Each of the Five Elements has its unique qualities and everyone of us favors one or two in our physical, mental and emotional make-up. As we approach the end of the late summer season of the Earth, do you recognize yourself as an Earth person?

    Physically you will have short hands with thick fingers, a square palm and flat nails. Your hips and shoulders will be broad and rounded. Your skin will be smooth, your hair thick, and you have a dominant mouth and lips. Mentally and emotionally you are the ”Mother” type. Whether male or female, you are naturally nurturing and caring. You are tolerant, patient and forgiving and like to create home and work environments that are comfortable and stable. Like the Earth, you are well-grounded in your emotions.

    But what happens if the Earth person becomes imbalanced?

    If you have excess Earth qi…..
    …..your arms and legs will feel heavy. The Earth controls the spleen-pancreas and stomach organ network, which will cause problems of sluggishness and becoming easily overweight when in excess. If female, an excess can lead to PMS and a heavy menstrual flow or fibroid tumors. Ulcers and hypothyroidism are signs of too much Earth qi. Mentally you worry excessively and your mothering instinct makes you over protective and obsessive.

    If you have deficient Earth qi…..
    ……this may have all begun in childhood. If you were not adequately nurtured emotionally as a child, you might now have feelings of inadequacy, with an inability to take care of your own health. A deficiency in Earth qi can lead to bloating, loose stools, poor muscle tone and even obesity. This imbalance in spleen-pancreas and stomach may cause aching muscles and joints, arthritis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and a tendency to bruise easily. You may crave sugar, carbohydrates, coffee and sodas. Diabetes and hypoglycemia may become an issue. Mentally your obsessive worrying makes you want to rescue everyone without knowing how to rescue yourself. You become needy in a relationship or lonely if not.
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