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    An Introduction to Meditation Part Seven: Moving Meditation

    Moving meditation may seem to be a form that is contradictory to the whole idea of meditating to clear the mind. You may ask yourself, how can I possibly be doing nothing if I am thinking of where I am walking, what my body is doing and where I am going? Well, you may be surprised. A meditation walk or movement, such as taijiquan or a basic form of qigong, can be one of the easiest ways of relaxing the mind and enhancing self awareness. Essentially a focused meditation, your attention is simply drawn to the movement itself. All other distractions fade away. Try taking five minutes to just walk around your living space. Find an area that is furniture free, or an empty hallway. You don’t need to walk in any particular or unusual way. Walk normally as you would anywhere, just make it slower. You will find that your body will slow down even more all by itself, as your mind begins to relax and clear itself of thoughts. Allow your attention to rest on the sensations you feel in your feet. If you wish, take mental notes of how the pressure shifts from toes to heel, light and heavy. 
    A more formal walking meditation is a way of walking so slowly and meditatively that each step is as stable as a mountain. It helps keep the mind in a meditative state even where there is action and is useful to practice between sessions of sitting meditation to bring circulation back to the legs. Place the hands to the side of the body at hip level, about six inches out with palms facing the ground and fingers facing forward. Knees are slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart to begin. Step out with the left leg, heel touching the ground first. Transfer the weight from the rear foot to the front feeling the back leg becoming “empty”. Now take the rear foot and “post” it, bringing it up to the front foot and just touching it momentarily with the toe on the ground. Weight is still on the left. Again step with the right foot, heel first. Continue to step, shift, post. Practice for at least ten minutes, making no sound. Find stillness within the movement, the breathing calm and centered.

    For a great iPhone/iPod Meditation tool check out SereneMind:  http://bit.ly/tuTMFs

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