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    An Introduction to Meditation part eight: Satisfying the sense of sight

    When you are getting ready for your meditation session remember to prepare the area/room visually. There can be nothing more distracting to the eye than an out of place or unattractive object, such as a trash can, piece of clothing, or dirty ashtray. If you are meditating indoors, you may wish to have a painting or picture on the wall of a pleasing nature scene in calming colors that you can gaze at before you begin. Outside, choose an area where you can see a gently flowing stream, a lake, a bed of flowers, or a favorite tree. Even the color of the clothes you meditate in can be disturbing and upset your mind’s ability to relax. Color messages sent by light waves affect the ayurvedic doshas. Emphasize colors in furnishings, cushions, wall/floor coverings and clothing that will promote balance for your dosha.

    Vata: warm yellows, orange, gold, white; small amounts of deep red, green, blue, violet; avoid black, gray, brown and dark colors
    Pitta: white, silver, green blue, cool pastels; small amounts of gray and brown; avoid red and black
    Kapha: red, orange, yellow; small amounts of black, gray, brown; avoid white, pink, pale green or blue

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