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    Acupressure massage to prevent colds

    Here’s a simple self-massage to do to prevent or ease symptoms of a cold.

    Do the following techniques once a day for prevention and do more repetitions of each or all exercises to treat a cold.

    1 Rub the nose with the right thenar (ball of the thumb) for the right side of the nose from the base down to yinxiang acupoint (LI 20). Repeat on the left side. Do 16 times each side.

    2 Press and massage hegu acupoint with the thumb. Do this 16 times on each hand.

    3 With warm hands, use the palms to rub along the nose to the lower chin, then up the outer sides of the face. Pull ears lightly outwards and continue massaging upwards and past the temples to the forehead. Repeat 16 times.

    4 Massage yinxiang 16 times on each side with index fingers.

    5 Use the three middle fingers of the right hand to massage the right fengchi acupoint at the nape of the neck across to the left fengchi point (GB20) then downward to the dazhui acupoint (GV 14) and back to the right fengchi point. Repeat this movement 8 times and then do the exact same movement 8 times, this time with the left hand. 

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