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    24th Annual International Kuo Shu Tournament is the largest Chinese Martial Arts Tournament in the US

    Do you yearn for the days of Saturday afternoon Kung Fu theater?  How about watching two competitors trying to best each other in a modern day take on a traditional fight to the death?  Looking to see some of the greatest martial arts masters perform their legendary styles?  Maybe you need some slow paced some peace of mind watching people perform Tai Chi.  If you answered yes to any of these question you need to head over to the Hunt Valley Marriott, in Hunt Valley MD July 27-29.  The US Kuo Shu Federation is hosting the 24th annual traditional Chinese martial arts tournament, which is recognized as the largest Kung Fu tournament in the US.    Why is this year so special?  Winners of the various events  will earn an invitation to the world championships in Malaysia, this is considered the Olympics of Chinese Martial Arts and only occurs every four years.  That means more highly skilled competitors from around the world will be bringing their best to the Greater Baltimore area.
    One main highlight of the tournament will be Lei Tai fighting .  Lei Tai was originally performed on a raised platform and martial artists would challenge each other in combat to see whose skills were supreme. Often these fights were to the death when one opponent would knock the other off the stage and martial arts masters may have fought hundreds of opponents in a challenge.  Today, these fights are still as action packed, full contact,  and on a raised platform, but equipment and scoring systems are put in place for the safety of the combatants.  
    Other highlights include demonstrations of various systems and weapons from some of the top masters in the world as well as weapons and empty hand form competitions for both youth and adults.  There will also be a opening ceremony which includes an traditional Chinese lion dance.  Highly skilled martial artists mix  kung fu, acrobatics, music and ritual into a blessing of good fortune for all the competitors dressed in lion costumes.
    Organizers of this event have been working tirelessly year after year to continue to make the event bigger and better.  Combined with the fact that it is an international championship, attendance will be at an all time high for both international competitors and spectators.  This event not only draws from the local Baltimore area, but the entire world.
    Information about tickets, list of  events or times can be found at http://usksf.org.  

    If you are looking around you may just catch me doing tai chi or some other internal events. Come check it out!

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