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    Yoga and Acupressure go hand in hand

    Did you know that yoga and acupressure can be combined? It is relatively simple to practice classic hatha yoga asanas and at the same time stimulate some important acupoints to help increase qi flow and get rid of stagnation in meridians. The following two poses help to balance the stomach and spleen-pancreas.

    Child’s Pose

    Kneel and sit on your heels. If necessary, place a cushion between feet and buttocks to provide more comfort. Take a deep breath with spine straight.
    Exhale and lower your chest to your knees. Use your thumbs to press Stomach 3 (2 fingers’ width directly below the eyes. Press up against the cheekbones, feeling for any soreness. Stay in this position for about a minute, gently breathing in and out through the nose. Inhale as you slowly sit up again.

    Locust Pose

    Lie flat on your stomach with arms straight by your sides and hands in fists underneath the groin.
    Inhale and raise legs, with feet together, and thighs off the floor. Chin or forehead remain on the floor, whichever is more comfortable. This puts pressure on stomach and spleen-pancreas points in the groin area.
    Hold the pose for about 30 seconds then exhale as you slowly come down, place hands by the side, head turned to one side. Relax completely.

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