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    White Crane spreads its Wings

    If you already play taijiquan, you probably would agree that White Crane spreads its Wings is one of the most beautiful movements of the simplified yang form. If you don’t know anything about taijiquan and are curious, then I suggest you try White Crane first. Inspired by early qigong practices based on copying birds and animals in motion, this movement epitomizes grace, beauty, longevity, balance and strength. Qi moves directly up from the earth through one leg to the lower dantien in the abdomen, and down from the heavens through the upraised arm/wing. 
    To begin:

    In a lunge position with the left knee bent and the right leg straight, hold an imaginary ball of qi with the left hand in front of chest, and the right hand at waist level, palms facing each other. 

    Step with the right foot to place it behind the left, then shift weight onto the right leg. 

    Lift the left foot slightly to bring it a little forward with only the toes touching the ground. The left leg should remain light. As you shift weight back onto the right leg, raise the right hand upward and out to the side of the head, palm facing inward. At the same time, the left hand curves down to the left side at hip level, palm facing the ground. Eyes are now looking forward, waiting patiently, like a white crane in complete stillness, poised and ready to move. 

    Relax into your breathing and enjoy the feeling of calmness and tranquility.  Repeat the movement as often as you wish.

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