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    Treating cold related ailments in the heat of summer

    According to TCM, the peak of summer is an optimal time to treat winter ailments, such as respiratory disorders. During July and August the rising yang temperatures in nature also cause an increase in yang energy in the human body. Chronic conditions related to pathogenic cold are best treated in summertime when yin is at an ebb and yang energy is at its peak. The most common therapies used are herbal packs placed directly on the skin, and moxibustion. Treating ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis and cold type stomach problems in hot summer months will help re-balance the body and prevent relapses in the winter.
    Other ways to help store up yang energy in summer to reduce pathogenic cold attacks in winter are…..
    Avoid frozen foods if you suffer from stomach problems.
    Avoid direct exposure from fans, air conditioning and sudden changes in room temperature if you have rheumatism or arthritis.
    Stay away from iced foods and drinks and limit consumption of cold energy foods, such as water melon and seafood, if you suffer from respiratory problems. Avoid being in a chilly room.
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