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    The meaning of face blemishes

    Have you ever wondered why you get a zit in the same place on your face time and time again? In TCM every part of the face corresponds to an organ or meridian in your body and can be an indicator of stagnant qi, and mental, emotional, or physical imbalance. According to the Five Element Theory, your forehead represents fire, your nose shows earth, your chin relates to water, and your cheeks belong to metal and wood. So what exactly are those blemishes and rashes telling you?

    Forehead – as the forehead corresponds to the element of fire, and the heart organ network, any redness or unusual discoloration in this area can indicate a heart problem.

    Nose – a blemish or pimple on the nose or side of the nose usually signifies an intestinal problem, such as constipation, indigestion or diarrhea. Stomach or spleen-pancreas may be out of balance.

    Chin – if there is a darkish area around the chin or mouth, there may be a problem with kidneys and urinary bladder. Acne in this area is often caused by hormonal issues which are governed by the kidney organ network.

    Cheeks – according to TCM, the left cheek relates to the liver and gallbladder. Any redness, bulging veins or rash may indicate heat, inflammation or toxins in the liver, leading to high blood pressure, gallstones or high cholesterol. If there is a yellowish discoloration under the left eye, there is likely to be stagnant qi in the liver and gallbladder meridian network. The right cheek relates to the lungs and large intestine. Acne outbreaks, redness, or eczema in this area may indicate respiratory allergies, asthma or the beginning of a cold virus.

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