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    Music – not just good for the soul

    Music has been known throughout history to have a relaxing and healing effect on people. The Greek God of medicine Asclepius is said to have used songs and music to cure illnesses of the mind. Today, music therapy is used in many hospitals and health centers to treat depression and insomnia, for pain relief and to aid in faster recovery after major surgery. Studies have shown that classical music can have a powerful effect on the intellectual and creative development of newborn babies and young children. In Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine there is a direct link between certain sounds, emotions and the organs of the body. Music helps to regulate qi flow through the body and harmonize the Five Elements of nature : earth, fire, wood, metal and water in TCM; and earth, fire, air, ether and water in Ayurveda.

    In Ayurveda certain ragas, traditional melodic patterns in Indian music, are believed to affect emotions and treat various ailments when played at different times of the day and night. The type of music that you listen to can keep the doshas in balance. In general:

    Play soothing, meditative music to balance Vata and reduce stress, anxiety and fear

    Play cooling, calming music to balance Pitta and reduce high blood pressure and anger

    Play exhilarating, stimulating music to balance Kapha and treat depression and lethargy

    In a similar way in TCM, certain sounds and tones will influence the mind and body to either create or control qi flow and its effect on the organ meridian systems. An old Chinese legend says that the Yellow Emperor’s soldiers defeated their enemy in a battle by using powerful drum beats which rendered them unconscious. Later, they played instrumental string music to heal them. According to the Five Element Theory, listening to Chinese music composed of melodies in the following tones, will have a therapeutic effect on the body’s qi.

    chueh tone releases excess qi to benefit the liver
    jyy tone enhances qi to benefit the heart
    kung tone stabilizes qi to benefit the spleen-pancreas
    shang tone reduces qi to benefit lungs
    yu tone descends qi to benefit kidneys

    Playing music in your home can help balance the Five Elements and harmonize qi. A quiet environment is calming and yin in energy. However, too much silence can cause tiredness and lethargy. Leave a radio or CD player on to add yang energy and encourage qi to flow throughout the home. Using singing bowls, such as those used by Taoist and Buddhist monks, is also a good way of activating qi to purify and heal.

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