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    • 04 DEC 13
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    Kidney Meridian Massage

    During the holiday season as our thoughts turn to pleasing and caring for others, it is easy to forget to pamper ourselves. In wintertime, the kidneys are the most vulnerable organs in the body, according to The Five Element Theory in TCM. If you can’t find time to fit in an acupuncture treatment in the hectic weeks ahead, try a self massage instead. The kidney meridian is in charge of reproductive energy, hormones and bones. Massaging this meridian can help with adrenal exhaustion, fatigue, immune deficiency, anxiety, impatience, restlessness, fear and lack of determination. 
    Start at KI 1 (yong quan)) and move in one direction to the end. Use your fingers, thumb or palm to apply gentle pressure along the entire meridian. Remember to massage meridians on both sides of the body. When you reach the end, go back and massage KI 27 (shufu) with thumb or finger, circling 36 times, for adrenal exhaustion, fatigue, immune deficiency and opening and relaxing the chest.
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