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    Keeping cool in summer with Oriental Medicine

    courtesy of The Family Handyman
    If summer heat and humidity disturb your metabolism, causing acne, skin rashes, diarrhea and heartburn, then you might want to try an Ayurvedic remedy. Pitta is the dosha associated with the element of fire, which is easily disturbed in our long hot summers. Following a pitta pacifying diet focusing on the sweet, bitter and astringent tastes, will help control it. Use spices, such as fennel to reduce inflammation; turmeric for purifying the blood and cleansing the liver; mint to disperse heat and encourage sweating; dill which is antibacterial; and rose petals to soothe and cool fiery pitta. Also try any of the following:

    • Add green vegetables,, such as cucumber, to your daily diet. Avoid fried, hot, spicy and junk food, all of which increase body temperature.
    • Yoga and meditation will help calm the mind and cool the body.
    • Herbal teas and green tea will stimulate metabolism and lower body temperature.
    • A gentle massage with coconut oil is excellent for cooling the skin.
    • Drink plenty of cool, pure filtered water, but remember no ice!
    • Yoghurt mixed with water (lassi), or kefir and buttermilk are good to drink after a meal.
    • Try milk (preferably raw) with a teaspoon of almond powder and a pinch of turmeric to reduce body heat.

    TCM recommends fruits which are yin, or cold in nature, to cool down summer heat. Pears, water melon, kiwi fruit, bananas, mangoes, persimmons, different melons and apples are all good examples. However, as with any food, care must be taken to eat fruit in moderation. People who have weak digestive systems and lack energy should avoid cold fruits as they may cause poor spleen function, indigestion and abdominal distension.

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