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    Feeling down? Need energy? The color of your clothes can make a difference

    The use of colors is well known in alternative medicine for healing purposes. In yoga traditions colors feed the energy of the chakras of the body.  In Ayurveda practice colors can increase or reduce the three doshas, vata, pitta and kapha. The Five Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine attributes a color to each of the five organs of the body. Not only are the colors represented in the foods we eat to balance and promote qi of the organs, but wearing clothes in these colors can have a similar effect to harmonize the body and mind’s energy.

    Green: In TCM the color green relates to the liver and gall-bladder. It is calming, energizing and can reduce fever and headaches. Used in excess it is bad for kapha constitutions.

    Red: In TCM red relates to heart and small intestine. Good for circulation and building blood. In excess it is bad for vata and pitta.

    Yellowand Orange: Relate to spleen-pancreas and stomach in TCM. Energizing, good for the immune system and stimulating digestion. In excess both colors are bad for pitta.

    White: Relates to lungs and large intestine in TCM. White has a calming effect on heart, emotions and nerves, it is antibiotic and can reduce fevers. Used in excess it is bad for kapha.

    Black: In TCM this color, as well as dark blue, relate to kidneys and urinary bladder. It is a strong color that is attractive to those who are depressed, and it can increase fear in all doshas. Use only in moderation.

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