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    Exercise for the doshas

    Have you ever wondered why some people seem to thrive in the hot and humid weather typical at this time of year, basking in its warmth and moisture, while others are lethargic and just want to sleep all the time? Well, according to Ayurveda, how you cope with the weather depends very much on your individual constitution. The East Coast climate in late summer is best suited to a vata dosha, which loves a tropical environment. Pitta, and to a lesser degree kapha, will struggle to maintain balance between heat and moisture. A pitta constitution is more suited to the cool dampness of Seattle, whereas kapha can happily cope with the hot dryness of the South West.

    In general, the following forms of exercise will help keep doshas in balance.


    Focus should be on light exercise programs, using short bursts of energy, eg dancing, aerobics, ballet and table tennis. A vata constitution needs less exercise than the other doshas. Slow walking is a beneficial activity.


    Although pitta dominant people excel at competitive sports that require stamina and strength, like tennis, weightlifting, etc, they need to concentrate on staying cool. Moderate exercises, such as swimming, cycling, golf or skiing are ideal.


    Kapha dosha has the stamina required for long enduring sport, such as baseball, etc. However, vigorous exercise that will increase heat and speed up the metabolism is a better choice. Running, jogging, rowing and high impact aerobics are recommended.

    Tai chi is an excellent exercise for all three doshas, especially in the early morning on a hot August day. It calms and grounds the changeable vata, teaches patience to the hot tempered pitta, and brings circulation to the static kapha.
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