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    Colors of the Rainbow

    This is the time of year when our lightweight, thin summer clothes are sadly packed away and we slowly turn to our warmer and thicker fall and winter wardrobe. But do we also change our color scheme? Maybe we begin to choose warmer shades, depending on the temperature of the day, or do we change colors according to our moods? Every color has its own unique vibration and energy/aura and can influence us physically, as well as mentally and emotionally. In the Five Element Theory fall is the season of the color white (for metal); winter = dark blue or black (for water); spring = green (for wood); summer = red (for fire) and late summer = orange or brown (for earth). We are drawn to certain colors unconsciously when we are physically or emotionally out of balance. Wearing different colors can encourage qi flow and help influence moods and emotions.

    • Red (heart and small intestine) helps circulation, mental alertness, self confidence. It warms and relaxes. It is a good color for women to use during their menstrual cycle to encourage blood flow. Too much can bring out aggressiveness
    • Orange (spleen-pancreas and stomach) improves appetite, mood and sexuality. Too much can stimulate superficiality
    • Yellow helps digestion and the nervous system, mental alertness and optimism. Too much can be obtrusive
    • Green (liver and gallbladder) is regenerating. It is calming and brings hope and the desire to start afresh
    • Blue is cooling and brings security and protection. It is used to alleviate pain
    • Violet is for transformation and spirituality
    • Brown brings stability and a sense of being grounded. Too much causes stagnation
    • White (lungs and large intestine) represents birth and death, beginnings and endings
    • Black (also dark blue for kidneys and bladder) brings strength, protection. Too much causes sadness, depression and pessimism.

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