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    Ayurveda for Spring Allergies

    Ayurveda for Spring Allergies
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    According to the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America), Louisville Kentucky is ranked as the worst US city for spring allergies in 2014. Even if you don’t live in Louisville, you may still be one of about 45 million Americans who suffer from chronic seasonal allergies. Although trees tend to pollinate depending on the length of day more so than on the temperature, warmer winters can prolong the spring allergy season. If you are still struggling to control your symptoms, then Ayurvedic medicine, the holistic medicine of India,  may be able to help you. Late winter and spring are reflected in the Kapha dosha which represents heaviness, sluggishness and mucus. Coolness and excess moisture in the air at this time of year cause disturbance in Kapha in our bodies, resulting in respiratory problems and allergies.  Remembering that we are seasonal creatures who need to keep in harmony with nature means adapting our daily routine during the transitional period of winter to summer.

    Change of diet

    Eating foods that are lighter in property will reduce kapha, strengthen digestion and remove impurities. Limit the amount of oils you add to your food and think light, dry and warm. Steamed vegetables are ideal, especially leafy greens. Light grains are barley and millet. Proteins, such as lentils are good, and apples, pears and grapes are warming fruits. Use ginger, turmeric and cumin to provide drying qualities. Avoid all types of dairy as much as possible as these foods will only add to mucus problems. However, a cup of organic raw lightly boiled milk mixed with a half teaspoon each of turmeric and ginger can help reduce phlegm. Add organic raw honey to taste if necessary, and drink in the late morning. Try to eat your main meal at lunch-time not at night so that your body has a better chance to digest food properly.

    Exercise in the morning

    Getting up in the early morning to work out at the gym, hike or do yoga* will all help reduce sluggishness in the spring time. Enjoy the dry heat of a sauna afterwards.

    *Sun Salutation is an excellent remedy for allergies. Chopping Wood is another useful yoga exercise – see separate post for details.

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